Life’s Playbook #1

Life is simple. It’s just not easy. 

The constitution of life itself is pretty straightforward. We uphold typical life expectancies: You’re born, you get an education, you get a job/career/, you create friendships, you find your own family (relationships/marriage), you grow old, and then you pass away.

Each day starts and ends with you in bed–or any form of prolonged mental and physical rest. Whatever you choose to do in between is entirely up to you. May it be learning a new skill, doing chores, etc.

Simple, right?

But what makes this difficult?

Our free-will.

As beings with self-awareness, it’s only natural our criteria for things are affected by the way we personally see the world–our personality, our experiences, and our independency to make choices.

It’s within human nature for some of us to wander outside the norm. Not everyone wants to follow what is expected from us. With such, the society we are in may not lend an equal hand.

Outer factors

Sometimes the plans we make gets disrupted by things outside of our control. We encounter obstacles that stretches our capabilities, and possibly questions our moralistic judgements.

This is what makes life difficult.

Our end scene: 

With all the responsibilities and troubles we go through, it’s definitely no walk in the park. Though this should not falter you from writing your own life stories.

Life should be taken the way it is, and all those complicated things in the mixture will somehow fall into place.

– Charlotte T.

Food for thought: 

How much free-will do we actually have? 


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