Prose #2 – Devil’s Whisper

Devil’s Whisper

Her obsidian hair blends into the darkness. Eyes wide and bloodshot. Blackness streaming down her cheeks. She makes no attempt to wipe her unkemptness; for her mind taunts her into insanity. With every step and strangled breath, she doesn’t stop till it fades.

The streets empty on a cold winter’s night. The heel of her boots stabbing against the concrete. Laughter echoes. Her head turns, looking over her shoulder.

Nothing greets her.

A fog of crisp air escapes from her lips. Her body screams to a halt, under the tantalizing glow of streetlights.

Eerily silence

Before her mind could moan with relief, a ghostly hand tears through her spine. And through time’s snarls, she fades into limbo.

– Charlotte T.


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