Food Critic #1 – Hyatt Regency Hotel Hong Kong

Note: Published for University editorial.

Dine delectably with an air of sophistication.

The Hyatt Regency situates within the New Territories; located right next to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University Station. This urban 5-star luxury hotel opened its doors on February 2009, introducing high class accommodation, leisure, and most importantly, dining.

Café at Hyatt Regency consists of a spacious and warm ambience. The show kitchens present mouth-watering buffets, featuring a wide selection of cuisine with their steamed and wok-fried dishes; seasonal salads and refreshing seafood on ice, freshly baked pizza and pastas; as well as prime meat grilled a-la-minute. Of course no meal is completed without trying freshly made dessert and baked pastries from their fine dessert kitchen. The Lunch buffet is from 11:30am to 2:30pm, at a price range of $308 +10% service charges per head on Mondays to Fridays. Although it is a little pricier on weekends and public holidays with $388 per head, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to a nice meal every once in awhile.

The salad bar offers a huge variety of greens and salad dressings. Though the salad could be slightly chilled before served, it doesn’t divert us from its freshness. The seafood is one of the highlights of the buffet, as the high quality fresh meats (shrimp, mussels, crayfish, and scallops) and sushi for starters are tender and smooth. The appetizers overall are quite satisfying; though a small tip: avoid the bread. The staleness and dryness doesn’t sit too well with the taste buds.

Moving on to the main course, the cooked meats (lamb, beef, and sausages) were one of the best cooked slices of meat I’ve had in awhile. The lamb was nice and tender, though it was medium rare when I asked for well done. The sides, such as potatoes, baby corn, and broccoli was a nice compliment to all that meat. It definitely had me reaching for seconds!

Last but not least, the most anticipated part of the buffet, the desserts. Most of the tarts and cakes were a bit too sweet and complex for my taste. I settled for a nice bite sized tiramisu slice and a strawberry crepe—chewy and pleasant. Regrettably, I had not manage to try their 9 different kinds of ice cream flavors, as the previous courses were already enough to fill me up. I was also slightly disappointed that they didn’t have the ever-so-famous chocolate fountains that most buffets had.

All in all, it was a nice experience. The atmosphere was enjoyable, a wide variety of cuisine, and good quality for a reasonable price. Make sure you save up and bring along your friends!

– Charlotte T.


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