Prose #3 – Green-Eyed Boy


They meet under the midnight sky—play, laugh, fight. As she basks upon the hypnotizer of night, she breathes another memory.

His messy brown hair that she loves. His sea-green eyes memorizing—deep like an ocean’s core. Enigmatic. Enchanting.


He has never uttered a single syllable, yet his smile lulls. His eyes dance its way into her heart. An understanding.


As she grows into her late teens, he starts to fade away. Emptiness engulfs her. Sadness kisses her. Loneliness wretchedly claws at her heart; but that flicker of faith holds her.


Adulthood is reached, and it’s time to move on. Away from the fantasies of a boy she’ll never see. She leaves daddy’s place, starting anew; her heart grows and beats with all the complications she goes through.

A huff. Damn those boxes. Damn her new apartment. She shouldn’t have signed that lease.


Falling under a routine, the green-eyed boy soon left the picture.

…Funnily life had other plans.

After a tedious week and a drunken night, she opens the door; ready to face world’s stage. She groans at the harsh glow gnawing at her eyes.

She sees him. Someone is moving into the apartment across her. His messy brown hair. Familiarity.

He turns around, almost as if hearing her disbelief. Those sea-green eyes stare at her with a knowing glint.

He smiles.

“Hello, what’s your name?”

– Charlotte T.


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