Life’s Playbook #5

Life has no meaning, unless you give it one. 

“What is the meaning of life?”

Life’s biggest unanswered question; leaving us perpetually confused and questioning our sheer existence. What is our worth? What are we put onto this world for? Must really do what’s expected of me?

This branches within the topic of existentialism–The philosophical study in meaning and purpose of existence. Being individual’s with self-awareness and free-will, it’s only natural for our minds to wander outside the system.

We begin to question the value of our livelihood; and the worth of the things we do to achieve our goals. Dwelling deeper into our self-worth, we enter into what we call the existential crisis.

The existential crisis causes inner turmoil, changing the perception of life we once had. It shapes us to be more aware of the world and our existence within it.

What comes out of the existential crisis? 

The existential crisis usually derives from the sudden accumulation of our uncertainties and stress. We hold sudden dissatisfaction with what we do, whether it be in school or work.

Our brain goes into overdrive, panicking about if the things we’ve been doing is worth doing at all.

“Do I really need this degree?” 

“What am I even working towards?” 

It is an experience, in which the individual separates their soul from their body; viewing the world as an outsider–someone who questions the norm. We reject it, shut ourselves down, or try to find a different way in living.

End Scene: 

Then, what is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life varies within every individual. Simply, in order to find the meaning of life–the worth, the value–you, yourself, must give it meaning.

As you are placed into the world, you must find a way to live, to enjoy, to experience all that makes who you are as a person. Are you compassionate? Do you like the Arts? Astrology? Geometry?

Yes, you come into this world living and you leave this world dying. So why not make the most of what you are given?

– Charlotte T.

Food for thought: What are our limitations? Or do we set our own limitations unintentionally?


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