Prose #4 – Cuckoo’s Nest

Cuckoo’s Nest

“Lust, put that away, would you?”

His ears cocked towards the sound. He watches as Envy narrows her eyes at what’s held between his fingers. Following her stare, he snorts a little, placing the offensive object to his lips. The tip flares in anger—scorching bright red. A puff of smoke engulfs the air, before dispersing it’s body into nothing.

“Chill out, Envy. I need it to keep my urges leveled.”

He holds it towards her—an offering. She stares at it with contemplation in her eyes. She curses her weakness under temptation, as soon as she catches Lust’s knowing grin.

“Like I would even dream of doing that to my body.”

Already disinterested in Envy’s bitterness, Lust turns towards his next victim. He watches his twin brother obsessing over the coin in hand. Their appearances were stark in contrast. How they were related was questionable. Denial.

“Greed, can I borrow that off ya?”

The sound of his brother’s voice snaps Greed into focus. His eyes light up in recognition. Though it quickly fades, as he hunches over his possession protectively.

“No it’s mine.”

“Mother told you to share.”

Lust loved bothering Greed; it was one of his guilty pleasures. Greed scoffs at Lust’s childish dig. He turns his body away, refusing to fall under his brother’s coaxes. Lust hated being ignored. He crushes the butt of his cigarette against the stone-cold pillar.

He stalks towards a figure, crouching down as he reaches her. His arms casually propped against his knees. The figure turns her attention to Lust, retracting her own treasure away from him.

“I’m not going to give it to you, Lust. It’s my last one.”

“Oh come on, Gluttony. We all know that’s a lie. What will it take you for me to have a small bite?”

Gluttony shakes her head in refusal. Lust hovers dangerously close to her. His stature intimidating, but scarily alluring.

“We all know it’s not going to be small with you.”

Lust smirks at her comment; strangely pleased with her choice of words. He inches closer, and his hands nearing Gluttony’s prize.

“Come on, I’ll make it worth while.”

Gluttony shifts in discomfort. She was never one to reject people’s offer. Before Lust’s fingertips could graze her skin, another figure pulls him up and shoves him away.

“Lust, leave my girlfriend alone.”

Lust tsks in annoyance, wiping the nonexistent dirt on his shirt.

“No one asked for your input, Sloth.”

Sloth rolls his eyes at Lust. He was used to the trouble Lust liked to give. Sloth bent down to tend to his girlfriend, soothing her troubles. As she soon returns consuming her treat, Sloth dozes off on her shoulder. He had exhausted his energy for the day.

Lust pulls a face at the couple. Turning around, he kicks the rock on the ground, snickering as if hearing it scream in protest. His expression suddenly at a low. He grabs a fist of his hair and huffs in boredom.

“Where is Pride and Wrath when you need them?!”

Envy emerged besides Lust, causing him to stiffen at her unwelcomed presence. She stares bitterly at the bars holding them in. Her eyes glowing green.

“They’re out there with father. Apparently they’re of use today.”

The room suddenly shook. Debris and dust falling from the roof.

“They’re all playing without me. Even mother is out there having fun.”

Lust sulks. Envy shrugs.

“Can you stop hovering near me, Envy. It’s annoying.”

“You need me.”

As Lust tries to form a sarcastic response, an opening on the bars appears. The words ‘Lust’ cursively etched in the air. Lust perks up, strolling towards the exit with hands in pocket. He looks over his shoulder, watching his companions stare at him.

“Looks like they need me now.”

His figure soon disappears into the shadows. The atmosphere dead and empty. Envy growls under her breath; fists clenched till white.

“When is it our turn?”

“When father needs you.”

– Charlotte T.


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