If I Were A Color, I Would Be Black

Not just another existential crisis

Black /blak/ 🔊
adjective – of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.

The holy grail of online knowledge, Google; where it’s one click away from failing into the rabbit of hole of “Is A Tomato Seriously A Fruit Or Vegetable?” For Real.

Amidst staring at my ceiling at 9am, debating whether my General Studies class is worth going to, I came to a vital conclusion that if I were a color, I would be black.

Now, despite the gut-wrenching deadlines, and perpetual doom of becoming an adult, I swear to you this is not just another existential crisis.

And no…

This is not some cliché, where the color black is a reflection of my soul. The color black resonates me in different way.

Here are the reasons why…

1. It Goes Well With Anything

I’m not insinuating something inappropriate. What I mean is that I am versatile.

The color black in fashion just goes with about anything; and like me, someone who lacks depth and that oomph of red, I have a multitude of skills that never really transpires into something audience worthy. Yet, can still call resourceful.

I am not bad at learning/doing things, but I am not entirely professionally great at it either.

2. It’s Misunderstood

In Chinese superstitions, the color black is regarded as <i>unlucky</i>. This is because the Chinese word for it is <i>’hei'</i>, which means bad luck, irregularity, and illegality.

How it relates to me is my never ending resting b*tch face. Although it seems like I’m staring you down with contempt, the only thing in my mind is what I’ll be having for dinner on a friday night. pizza.

It’s true black may look intimidating, but under all that we are just (try to be) caring and elegant as the next.

–side note: The color black absorbs negative energy, so I’m really listening to your problems; not judging you.

3. Lastly, It Has Potential

Black is usually something overlooked. With an air of mystery and its shadow-like abilities, no one really expects much from it. We sometimes forget just how powerful and sophisticated we can look in it, eg, suits.

As cheesy, and possibly with a pinch of cliche, as it is, my abilities are just as important, despite not being in the limelight.

I believe we all carry that dash of potential inside.

– Charlotte T.


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